Scorpio SR-i1100SE

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Protect It, Track It, And Recover ItThe heart of your rLiNK connection. Tracking and recovery are just the beginning of the security features for the rLiNK system. rLiNK integrates RFID technology for hands free alarm operation and a three-axis accelerometer to detect movement, shock and tilt. Two way communication with unlimited range and Police accessible theft tracking keep you connected to your motorcycle at all times.

Use rLiNK to view maps of your rides and receive instant progress updates with detailed trip stats. Upload maps, top speed and segment times quickly and easily to Facebook and Twitter with rLiNK’s social networking interface.

The rLiNK SR-i1100SE comes with a Remote Transceiver (TRS-8), MCM (main control module), RFID antenna, built in battery back up, universal installation kit (GEN-1), accessory harness (ACC-2), main harness (HAR-1) and Smart Siren (PS-7B).

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